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July was my luckiest month. I’ve met the guy I never expected to see face to face . . . even in my dreams! It was too late for me when I saw the billboard of Jay Levinson Live in Manila along Edsa Guadalupe. Tickets are sold out for SME forum in Greenbelt. I tried pulling strings from fellow marketers to get me a ticket from Salt & Light Ventures, but even the genie can’t perform miracle this time.


My fairy godmother Millet (Managing Editor of Entrepreneur Magazine) texted me in the nick of time asking if I’m available to cover the event for Jay Levinson in Greenbelt! What?! You mean a free ticket in front row?! You’re right, i still preserve my sanity and accepted Millet’s offer calmly. Like a true fairy godmother from Cinderella, Millet arranged for everything including a one-on-one exclusive interview with Jay during book signing at the Powerbooks , and an exclusive dinner with him with the rest of Entrepreneur and Salt and Light Venture’s bosses.

Why meeting Jay Levinson is so important to me? I’m an advocate of Guerrilla Marketing even from the beginning. I am very fortunate that my previous trainings and experiences as marketers came from the “not so rich” companies. I was trained to combat the Goliaths out there using the limited resources and maximizing the ones I have. Like what Levinson said guerrilla marketers’ attacks do not suffer from lack of resources, but instead prosper because lack of capital makes them more willing to try new and innovative ideas.

Most of the topics discussed during the forum were never new to me but seeing Levinson deliver it live is something else. Yes, I’ve got a warm hugs and kisses from him after the dinner. And I can honestly tell you, the experience was worthwhile =)

Watch out for my series of articles regarding Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Levinson in the Entrepreneur Magazine. Grab a copy every month! The guerrilla marketing conference is produced and organized by Salt & Light Ventures, Inc. for the benefit of Salt & Light TPLR Foundation Inc. Co-presented with Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Mirror and Philippine Daily Inquirer. The conference is also made possible with the help of Philippine Marketing Association, Powerbooks, Fitness First, Rabbit Advertising, Faber Castell, Spring Global Mail, Digital Fox, Binalot and Figarro Coffee Company.