Brand Experience

The set of activities for you and your audiences to come into contact.

This involves designing a range of experiences that customers and prospects will find meaningful, memorable, and associate explicitly with your brand.


Doing this is the surest path to building brand trust, loyalty and advocacy. The full array of experiences includes, but is not limited to traditional market communications. It extends well beyond them to include personal interactions, events, environments even the appearance, function and reliability of products and services and any other opportunities for you and your audiences to come into contact.

Brand experience harnesses the power of consumer influence, which is important when you consider that word of mouth is one of the most powerful ad medium. Consumers trust brand thru recommendations from friends and advertising. The influence generated by brand experience creates ‘pull’ which brings people into the brand through advocacy. And, they only advocate brands they have great personal experiences with.

Brand experience is inherently social, it’s built on ideas that people want to spend time with and that people want to share.


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