by Mark Hughes

My published article Spreading the Virus for Entrepreneur Magazine in 2008 is an inspiration from Mark Hughes’ Buzzmarketing.  In this bloated and over-budgeted advertising era, do you have a chance to compete with the corporate giants? Unless, you create a buzz that get prospects to talk about you.

Buzzmarketing  is the contrast to your traditional marketing.  The book defines Buzzmarketing as a way to capture the attention of consumers and the media to the point where talking about your brand or company becomes entertaining, fascinating, and newsworthy. 

It presents a new tactic for marketers to consider when, where and how they begin a marketing campaign that targeted to specific/focus audience. Park the traditional heavy spending on advertising – everyone else does that. Find your unique spot and own that in the prospects’ minds; create that buzz, make it viral . . . and start spreading the virus.

What can you expect from a brilliant mind? Hughes was vice president of marketing for eBay’s, one of the most visited e-commerce retailer of 2007. He grew eBay’s from zero to 8 million customers in less than three years.

Buzzmarketing is a MUST read.  This book is applicable to any marketers or potential marketers – from students of marketing to seasoned market planners– this is the one for you!

The book is full of real examples and best practices, expert knowledge, and marketing lessons that will instantly get you inspired in building your own marketing without spending so much . . . perhaps, you’ve got your chance to beat the giants after all!

An incredible read – go get your copy today!



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